Virtual Project-Based Learning (PBL) involving Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)​

In this session, Clive Hands, Project Manager, Lecturer, Advanced Engineering Design Group at Nelson Madela University will share his perspectives and experiences based on over two decades as a thought-leader and student-mentor for university-level Project-Based Learning. In particular, he will spotlight innovative work he has done with his students, coaching them on how to effectively apply CAE on several special challenging projects – to complement the theory and first principles they are exposed to as part of their formal qualification. All of these projects ultimately require physical applied design outputs primarily focused on efficiency, especially lightweighting while maintaining structural integrity. These projects also focus on new technology applications with cross-disciplinary integration and also require the students to consistently interact with external private sector collaborators as advisors and for real-world guidance.

The recording is about 22 minutes long, and was presented at the 2020 Global Altair Technology conference.

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