Webinar: HyperWorks for FSI Simulations

Altair’s HyperWorks software suite offers a wide variety of solvers able to simulate complex physical phenomenon, including multiphysics. Therefore, complex FSI applications can be solved, such as ditching or aeroelasticity, as will be shown in the two use cases presented in this 40 minute webinar.

Use Case #1: Ditching Simulations with RADIOSS

Ditching simulations may be very complex to simulate as they involve a large domain of fluid, complex fluid flow and potentially highly non-linear structural behavior involving buckling and failures.

The purpose of the presentation is to show the capacities of the transient dynamic explicit code RADIOSS part of Altair’s HyperWorks for such simulations, featuring the ALE approach, a CEL interface to couple structure and fluid, efficient algorithms such as multidomain to speed up calculation applied on both experimental and full vehicle models.

Use Case #2: Winglet Optimization

Winglets are intended to reduce fixed-wing aircraft’s drag by partial recovery of the tip vortex energy but care must be taken as potential problems such as flutter and structural considerations may negate aerodynamic improvements.

Altair’s HyperStudy software is a tool of choice to design and optimize the winglet therefore improving the aircraft performances. To achieve these results, a process was designed by coupling OptiStruct and AcuSolve to calculate aerodynamic and structural performances. The coupling was then encapsulated in HyperStudy to optimize the design.

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