Working with Material Mechanics - Ductile Fracture Modeling of High-Strength Galvanized Steels at Borçelik with Altair

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Established in the early 1990s and headquartered in Gemlik, Borçelik is the highest quality galvanized steel producer, with the largest production capacity in Turkey. They are engaged in manufacturing hot dip galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled (pickled and oiled) steel groups, all of which are industrial raw material inputs. Reducing emissions and fuel consumption drives the development of advanced materials and production processes in the automotive industry. Fuel efficiency relies on the successful design of vehicles and developing technologies that reduce the weight of vehicle body structure. There is always a need for research and development to maintain passenger safety while reducing the mass of the vehicle structure.

A study was conducted to investigate the ductile fracture behavior of the high-strength galvanized flat steel that forms a vehicle body structure. To reduce the analysis calculation time, mass scaling was applied using the /DT/NODA/CST option which controls the nodal time step, and reduced the simulation time by nearly 50%. In terms of quality-related challenges, Borçelik saved nearly 10% of scrap material, and reduced costs by 5% after working with the design of experiments and applying numerical calculations through Altair simulation solutions.

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