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Use Best-in-Class Components to Integrate Product Development

Achieving the best overall product development environment requires that CAD and CAE systems work well together.

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Simulation Fosters Stronger Customer Collaboration and Develops New Business

Bental Motion Systems, a member of the Gevasol Group, produces a variety of end applications including motors, alternators, and electrical brakes for the aerospace & defense, and semiconductor industries. To accelerate the design of electric machi...

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SmartWorks optimizes fleet management at Boyaca

Boyacá has been handling the daily delivery of newspapers and magazines in Spain for more than 35 years. Fulfillment of time schedules is essential for customer satisfaction and late deliveries can result in additional costs. Boyacá needed to have...

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Altair SmartSight Turns Utility Operational Data into Valuable Information with Milsoft Visual Analytics

Milsoft Visual Analytics is a powerful business analytics module developed by Altair in partnership with Milsoft Utility Solutions. Through a direct integration of Altair’s SmartSight™ business intelligence software with the Milsoft database schem...

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Nelson Mandela University: Designing a Winning Eco-Car

Martin Badenhorst, Masters Student at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, shares how he managed to reduce the weight of their eco-car by 20%.

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Less Weight, More Freight – Altair Software Helps Develop Light, Innovative Cargo Rail Wagon Platform

Industries are seeking new ways to develop and manufacture lighter and more flexibly usable vehicles – less weight means higher payloads and a better ROI. For a recent project, Austria’s ÖBB RCG wanted to design a new lighter, more flexible wagon ...

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The University of Alabama

With Altair’s help, the Crimson Racing team was able to employ several design changes to significantly reduce the issue of high loads transmitted
through the front pull-rod of their vehicle.

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Nor-Tech - Trends in Hardware Manufacturing and HPC

Robert Dreis from Nor-Tech, a customer of Altair PBS Works, discusses trends in hardware manufacturing and HPC.

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Approaching Learning Differently at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa

Watch this short video to find out how the Faculty of Engineering is approaching teaching differently with the help of Altair's learning tools.

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Future of HPC in Academia

Joe Lombardo of UNLV, a customer of Altair PBS Works, discusses trends in HPC in academia - including big data, data analytics, and cloud computing.

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Inphi Corporation Speeds Up Semiconductor Design with Altair Accelerator

Inphi produces high-speed semiconductor components and optical subsystems that enable big data to move quickly throughout the globe, both inside data centers and between broadly distributed computing facilities.

In today’s competitive semiconductor design and electronic design automation (EDA) in

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Towards Efficient Composite Pressure Vessel Design

Competing future vehicle concepts have drives using clean energy stored in batteries or hydrogen. On-board storage of high-pressure hydrogen gas to supply fuel cells needs weight-efficient pressure vessels utilizing composite materials, that opera...

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas - HPC and Academia

Joe Lombardo of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a customer of Altair PBS Works, talks about the future HPC in Academia.

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Transformative Flight Transportation

Advances in energy storage, motor efficiency, and flight control systems have us on the potential cusp of a revolution in air mobility. This comes at a time when many traditional transportation infrastructures are saturated and new modes of mobility are desperately needed.

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