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SimLab Volume Meshing with Layers – Housing

Request locally a given amount of tet layers through thin walls. Create a volume mesh with Tet10 from an existing, enclosed Tri6 mesh. Auto cleanup a volume mesh based on different quality criteria.

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SimLab Meshing with Process Automation – Piston

Perform a mesh automation running a javascript or pythonscript from the process automation menu.

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SimLab Quick Imprinted Mesh for Parasolid Assemblies

This video shows, how to create a shell and solid mesh is generated on a Parasolid file. You also learn, how to transfer existing groups onto the mesh.

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SimLab Meshing with Body Break – Engine Assembly

Generate CAD features from a mesh. Cut and separate a section of a body using region mesh control. Learn how to use logo removal and mesh a valve seat. Finally create a circular gasket imprint in a body.

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SimLab Welding Process with Connection

Learn how to create weld beads along edges, create individual beads and connect them with other bead welds. Boolean operations help to merge individual parts together with the weld.

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Imagining a World That Works - Biomimicry in Engineering

To create products and processes that are well-adapted to life, innovators are turning to a new design discipline called biomimicry. Biomimicry consults nature for inspiration, design ideas, and standards. Life has been on Earth for 3.8 billion ye...

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