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Augment decision-making. Accelerate innovation. Empower everyone.

Harness the full power of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Altair’s next-generation, cloud-native enterprise data ecosystem. SmartWorks delivers dynamic tools and a collaborative environment for teams across your enterprise to solve complex problems, accelerate transformation, and drive business value.

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Empower Everyone and Foster a Data-driven Culture

Business Teams and Leaders

Generate and share data-driven insights across the organization without writing a single line of code.

Technical Teams and Data Experts

Develop AI-augmented analytics in a single, end-to-end workflow with fully extensible out-of-the-box functionality.

Software Developers

Create scalable, secure IoT/analytics applications faster and with smaller teams.

Accelerate Innovation with Collaboration and Targeted Capabilities

Connect to databases, spreadsheets, big data, IoT, and more

Store data in performant, specialized databases

Explore data trends and spot anomalies

Transform data to fit your application

Train and evaluate AI models

Operationalize models at scale

Develop custom analytics or end-user applications

Augment processes with automation, in the cloud or at the edge

Control end-user access to data

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Move at the Speed of Innovation with Next‑Generation Technology

Event‑driven microservices architecture optimized for performance, security, and reliability

Best of breed open‑source tools in a cloud-native, container‑based infrastructure

Conquer Enterprise-grade Challenges

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Ensure Security and Governance

Enforce oversight using fine-grained access control. Easily integrate with existing enterprise user management systems.


Deploy Anywhere

Flexible deployment models including hosted on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid solution.


Easily Extend to Fit Unique Needs

Extensible design architecture allows updates and customization. Rapidly integrate updates into the platform with no downtime.


Complement Tools of Today and Tomorrow

Seamlessly integrate the most popular open-source tools, including Spark MLlib, Spark SQL, Pandas, Keras, MLflow, RAPIDS.AI, Scikit-Learn, and Seldon Core.


Future-Proof Analytics Strategy

Scale up and down to efficiently support evolving business, technology, usage, and big data demands.


Break Down Silos

Eliminate barriers with a centralized and secure collaborative space for diverse teams to solve complex problems.

Discover Your Data Potential


Build Industry-shaking Smart Product Ecosystems with Less Risk

SmartWorks gives you everything you need to quickly build scalable, secure web, mobile, and edge applications and then iterate fast to find product-market fit.

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Augment Decision-Making and Automation with AI

SmartWorks delivers an end-to-end platform that enables you to combine enterprise expertise with data and AI to build analytics applications and scalable automation – with or without code.

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Reduce Waste, Increase Efficiency and Improve Quality

SmartWorks enables you to easily connect to assets and use IoT data in AI-augmented analytics applications to streamline operations.

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