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Altair offers a comprehensive suite of design and analysis tools that can help you efficiently design composite structures, convert metal designs to composites, optimize for performance and weight, and intuitively explore variations in design configurations. Altair has over 30 years of experience designing, analyzing, and optimizing composite structures and we can partner with you in a variety of ways to help you achieve success in using composites in your products.

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A Flexible Approach

In today’s business environment, you need a partner that can work with you in a flexible manner. At Altair, we provide a comprehensive suite of software tools that you can run independently on your compute infrastructure or in the cloud with flexible license terms for the times you need them.

Altair can also augment your design team or simply be your design team to engineer great products with state-of-the art technology and decades of applicable experience. Our software partners bring added value to your design and analysis capabilities and you can access their tools with our flexible licensing system or through our consulting engagements. Altair technology and people are the catalyst to creating innovative and successful composite products.

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solution highlights

Altair HyperWorks™ Solution Highlights

Altair HyperWorks™ is a wide-ranging set of engineering analysis and optimization tools that is used throughout every major industry.

Key capabilities include:

  • Import CAD designs of composite structures
  • Interfaces to many popular CAE software packages
  • Static, dynamic, and impact analysis capabilities
  • Optimize design of laminated composites
  • Efficiently explore design trade-offs
  • Run simulations on desktop, compute clusters, or in the cloud
  • Complement Altair HyperWorks™ capabilities with Altair Partner Alliance software

Composite Design Optimization

Altair OptiStruct™ offers unique capabilities for optimizing composite designs by using advanced optimization techniques:

  • Topology Optimization for Concept Design Synthesis
  • Ply Shape Optimization to identify ideal ply drop-off zones
  • Ply Thickness Optimization to determine minimum thickness for each ply shape
  • Ply Order Optimization to define Stacking Sequence to follow Ply Book rules
ply shape and Sequence

To improve composite designs, these phases can be considered separately depending on where you are in the overall design process or they can be integrated to realize maximum benefit. The optimization driven process using Altair OptiStruct™ ensures that design performance criteria and manufacturing constraints are maintained from concept through final design.

Composite Analysis

Altair HyperWorks™ offers many capabilities to analyze the composite structures at many levels of detail:

  • Extensive composite material database for preliminary design studies in Altair ESAComp™ and export to other tools
  • Analysis of parameterized structural elements, such as bonded and mechanical joints
  • Linear static analysis to determine stress, strain, and displacement response to multiple loads with Altair OptiStruct™
  • Dynamic analysis to evaluate response to varying loads
  • Impact analysis with Altair RADIOSS™ for events such as bird strike, crash, drops, etc.
  • Drape estimation and forming simulation for sandwich and multilayered structures
  • Common failure models included, with ability to add custom failure models
  • Optimization for weight, performance, or reliability with Altair HyperStudy™
  • Development and simulation of multiscale heterogeneous material models with Altair Multiscale Designer™
composite analysis

More Than Just Software

If you need extra help on a composite design project or want to outsource the entire design and engineering effort, Altair can help you achieve success. We provide services related to our software including consulting, training, implementation services, and support, along with technical services for product development. Whether it is converting a metal part to composite, improving an existing design, or exploring design and/or material options, look to Altair’s consulting services to help you develop great composite products.

Altair Partners

The Altair Partner Alliance allows Altair HyperWorks™ users to access third-party applications with minimal incremental cost to provide additional capabilities for composite design and analysis. These partner solutions include micromechanical modeling, structural analysis, detailed failure analysis, detailed stress analysis and injection molding analysis of reinforced plastics.

Model courtesy of PART Engineering

Where can we help?

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