Available Modules

Insight+: Experience CAE NVH results by listeningand visualizing Efficient use of test and CAE data synchronized in a hybrid model.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

NVH On-Road Simulator: The full functionality of the NVH Simulator, in a real vehicle. Experience and evaluate new vehicle NVH targets and designs in the context of a real vehicle. Generate sounds perfectly synchronized with all real-time vehicle operating parameters.

NVH Simulator: VI-grade's NVH Simulator software offers expanded functionality beyond Insight: free-driving capability (steering wheel, pedals, live road view), Jury Evaluation, Real-time sound synthesis, Active Sound Design (ASD) Integrations: VI-grade's NVH Simulator is compatible with all Insight+ models and projects. Insight+ models can utilized in the NVH Simulator software.

NVH Static Simulator: Functionality similar to NVH Simulator, with addition of multi-point , calibrated vibration in addition to sound.

SimSound: Add high-quality, realistic sound to any driving simulator.